About Centara

The breeding program at Centara Standard Schnauzers began in the middle 1970s and continues today. Centara has produced 92 champions and performances and our stud dogs have increased the number of champions for many other standard schnauzer kennels.Centara Standard Schnauzers live in Central Pennsylvania where they are free to romp and play in the fresh country air.

Centara Standard Schnauzers are bred for temperament, soundness of body and mind, and the ability to adjust to a variety of working capabilities. Centara has produced
Obedience champions, Agility Champions, Conformation Champions, Therapy dogs, Canine Good Citizens, Herding dogs and… Cancer Sniffing Dog, STORMY.

Centara puppies are home raised and encounter a variety of situations before going off to their new homes. All puppies are temperament tested and matched to the life styles of the new owners.

Health at Centara complies with rules and requirements of the Standard Schnauzer Club
of America and we work closely with veterinarians for the latest in health care.

You can find an article written about the Centara Kennel in Popular Dogs Series, (published by Dog Fancy magazine). If you are interested in reading about mini schnauzers, standard schnauzers ,or giant schnauzers, purchase this magazine for some valuable information.

You will also find Centara standard schnauzers in “Standard Schnauzer Champions” published by Camino Books – look under Working dog.

In 2021, Centara qualified as an AKC Gold Breeder of Merit. Click here to read about the program.