Ch Centara Canicula Derondo

DannyMay 16, 1993 – February 20, 2006Pedigree“Danny” was a very special dog from a very special litter. Not only was he my dear friend but also an outstanding stud dog and outstanding in the ring.

Danny was a Multiple Specialty Winner, Multiple Group Placer:

1999 PVSSC Dog of the Year
2003 PVSSC Stud Dog of the Year
2007 SSCA and PVSSC Stud Dog of the Year
2007 SSCA Hall of Fame Producer

Champion Offspring

  1. Ch Centara Maxi-Million
  2. Ch Centara Illusive Ivy
  3. Ch Centara Infinite Illusion
  4. Ch Centara Isle in the Sun
  5. Ch Flamme’s Dan Marino v Hecken
  6. Ch Flamme’s Fire Brand
  7. Ch Flamme’s Fire Crazy
  8. Ch Windsong Spicy Megan, CD
  9. Ch Von Hoedl Dubious Deeds
  10. Ch Von Roth Fanfare
  11. Ch Von Roth Fire-n-Ice
  12. Ch Von Roth Done Dirt Cheap
  13. Ch Von Roth Flare Dancer
  14. Ch Von Roth Free Enterprize
  15. Ch Asgard Myrth Erste
  16. Ch Asgard Mesa Mist Wustefuchs
  17. Ch Asgard Miller Time
  18. Ch Cedar Hills Rainy Days
  19. Ch Jordan Bentley of Windtree
  20. Ch Jordan Beata of Windtree
  21. CH Jordan Baylee of Windtree
  22. CH Jordan Brooke of Windtree
  23. Ch Jordan Brodie of Wintree
  24. Ch Vogues Master Piece
  25. Ch Vogues Twist of Fate
  26. Ch. Vogues Here Comes Captain