Ch Centara Outback Jack

JACKPedigree“Jack” is a top winning dog here at Centara Standard Schnauzers. He is a Best in Show Winner, a champion in five countries and a sire of 42 champions.

DCM: Normal

2013 Stud Dog of the Year: Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club, PVSSC

Jack’s accomplishments include:

A champion in America, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia: pointed in Poland
Best in Show Winner
Hall of Fame Producer: (33 American champions)
Nine (9) European Champions
Specialty Winner
Multiple Group Placer
PVSSC Dog of the Year 2000
SSCA #3 SS 2002
SSCA National Specialty 1st Award of Merit 2002
Sweden SS of the Year 2005
Schnauzer/Pincher Dog of the Year 2005
Swedish Winner 2004, 2007
PVSSC Stud Dog of the Year 2008

Champions include:

  1. Ch Centara Satin Doll
  2. Ch Centara Swingin’ on a Star
  3. Ch Centara Stardust Serenade
  4. Ch Centara Tessere
  5. Ch. Centara Toscanita
  6. Ch Centara Talisman v Peiper
  7. Ch Centara Waltzing Lola
  8. Ch Centara Calypso Clipper
  9. Ch Centara Carabella Curtsey
  10. Ch Centara Caper Capri
  11. Ch Centara Kristique
  12. Ch Gaudeamus J’Amie Petra, CD RN
  13. Ch Gaudeamus Jasper
  14. Ch Avignon Center Stage at Ernhart
  15. Ch Avignon Romeo
  16. Ch Von Hodel’s Gibson Girl
  17. Ch Von Hoedl’s Gustav Cash
  18. Ch Bolero Evening Shade
  19. Ch Bolero Evening Edition
  20. Ch Bolero Front Page New RT
  21. Ch Bolero Flashback Jack
  22. Ch Bolero Ferris’ Day Off
  23. Ch Asgard Silver Patron
  24. Ch Asgard Sophie Mutter
  25. Ch Asgard Cayman
  26. Ch Asgard Ultara Orianna
  27. Ch Asgard Ultimatum
  28. CH Quasar A la Mode
  29. CH Quasar Abracadabra
  30. CH Quasar All for One
  31. CH Quasar Arabella
  32. Ch Von Roth’s Lancelot
  33. Ch Von Roth Paris Holiday
  34. Ch. Von Roth’s Phoenix Rising

Foreign Champions:

  1. Swed. Ch Argenta’s Yackson
  2. Swe Ch Argenta’s Warrick
  3. Swe Ch Argenta’s Wakanda
  4. Swe Ch LP I, LP II Argenta’s Yellowstone
  5. Int Swe, Fin & Norw Ch WJW LP I Argenta’s Yoline (World Show: Junior World Winner)
  6. Norw Ch Wellfith’s Perfect
  7. Int & Multi Ch Ravel Vom Achterplätzchen
  8. Norw Ch Pippi With Jack’s Stockings
  9. Germ Ch Orrie-Bessie van de Vanenblikhoeve